The product name is derived from the expression ‘ad that sells the good’.

About adGood

The phrase might sound weird, but - truth to be told, all news will vanish within the information noise there is nowadays. This is the case for all the news, even those which would be worth sharing on long term basis. The solar charger hence became a platform for the ‘adGood’ advertising concept. ‘AdGood’ is a synonym for us advertising various project and ideas of the greater good on the charger media space on monthly basis.

What has ‚adGood‘ to offer?

These are four advertising spaces of the A1 format size for a duration of one month. Besides that we are of course going to display the adGood content on the charger’s Wi-Fi hot-spot home page.

See sample adGood campaing.

How does ‘adGood’ work?

GreenGang will approach activists – be it various organizations or individuals who take the action and are on pursuit to make this world a better place. In parallel to this we approach also potential sponsors – corporate entities which are interested facilitating the change. The sponsorship fee will cover the cost of the adGood promotion and will partially chip in also to cover the operational costs of the charger maintenance. All this in exchange for boosted sponsor’s karma and of course positive PR.

Sounds good?

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